Construction Insurance

There is not much here at Reliable General Agency that we do not cover and perhaps the most common insurance requested and one that we dedicate a lot of our time to, is Construction Insurance, also known as Commercial Insurance. Within these two realms of insurance are broader areas of contracting and professions that need substantial coverage. Reliable General Agency provides insurance for buildings, electricians, plumbers and painters in New York. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff will help your find the best options. Call us today at 718-265-3800.

Construction and Commercial Insurance Coverages:

  • Construction Insurance New YorkGeneral Contractors, Trade Contractors and Subcontractors
  • Electrical Contractors' Insurance
  • HVAC Contractors' Insurance
  • Plumbing Contractors' Insurance
  • Painters' Insurance
  • Landscapers' Insurance

One of the most common professions is Contracting or Construction if you will and within that realm are various other professions that need their own individual insurance. Having construction insurance is vital to keeping yourself and your employees safe. Not only do Contractors need to be licensed, but having a strong and reliable construction insurance plan allows them to work freely and avoid the stress of lawsuits and extensive money loss in case of an accident. Don't wait until there is an accident to start looking into proper insurance packages. Construction jobs are hard enough as it is, but worrying about not being insured only makes matters worse.

It is a rather standard insurance policy that is issued individual and corporate Contractors to protect them against bodily and property damage. The CGL policy was introduced in 1986 and replaced the "comprehensive" general liability policy. Within these Insurance Plans, Contractors need to be covered for more than just their businesses and job sites: At RGA, we implore that our contractors make sure to choose a coverage that helps protect themselves in all facets of their business, this includes having commercial auto insurance for any vehicles they may work with on the job.

Trusted Insurance Providers 

Reliable General Agency is proud to offer our premium construction insurance options for New York and New Jersey contractors. Our commitment to excellent client support allows to provide you with only the fairest and highest quality insurance packages. We understand you work hard every day in a strenuous and dangerous environment. Let our insurance agents and experts find the right plan for your unique situation. For more information on our commercial and construction insurance plans, please call or email us today. We look forward to helping you with any of your needs.