Insurance for Landscapers

On the forefront, it may seem that Landscaping Companies do not need to be insured, just licensed, but the landscaping profession is one that relies heavily on reliable and affordable insurance. Landscaping companies function all year round. In New York they are subjected to colder winters and hotter summers. Constant seasonal changes make an outdoor job unbearable at times. With a solid Landscaping Insurance Policy with RGA, you will no longer have to worry about on the job risks.

Landscaping accidents to both an employee or customer can cause injuries and property damage that could lead to lawsuits and financial loss. Do not risk the inevitable, as accidents always happen. Stick with RGA and you will never be left unprotected or alone.

Who Needs Landscapers Insurance?

  • Landscapers Insurance Landscapers
  • Tree trimmers
  • Arborists
  • Landscape architects
  • Landscape designers
  • Lawn irrigation contractors

Not only do landscapers need individual insurance coverage, but they also need auto insurance and that is perhaps the biggest need given the job requirements. Commuting in New York presents its own sort of dangers and travelling from customer to customer puts you at risk for auto accidents. Whether the accident is of your own doing or not, you must be protected with a personalized landscapers insurance package.

Be safe, be smart and get your Landscapers Insurance with RGA. We have served countless people from New York and they are always satisfied and protected. Contact us today for more information about our insurance coverage for landscapers or any of the other insurance packages we provide. We will happily assist you with any questions you might have about our packages.